Welcome to Fort Brewerton, a 1759 British fortification built during the French and Indian War. The remaining earthworks are located on the west end of Oneida Lake, in Brewerton New York, half way between Fort Stanwix and Fort Onterio. Adjacent to it is a reconstruction of the Oliver Stevens Blockhouse.  It serves as a museum and headquarters for the Fort Brewerton Historical Society.

Oliver Stevens Blockhouse Museum

Come take a trip back through time to an 18th century blockhouse museum! The Oliver Stevens Blockhouse Museum houses 10,000 years of local history, including Native American materials, military artifacts, and 18th century life.

Fort Brewerton Historical Society

The Fort Brewerton Historical Society is a 501 C3 organization comprised  of volunteers. Our goal is to collect, preserve, and present history for the education and entertainment of the public at large. We strive to maintain, expand, and enhance existing facilities and displays.